B.S. in Business Management

About the Program

Bringing strong management skills into an organization is the first step in ensuring its success. Philadelphia University’s Online B.S. in Business Management program is designed to help you develop the essential knowledge and skills you need get the most of an organization’s people, processes and potential.

At Philadelphia University, you will learn about managing and leading innovation while acquiring valuable expertise in teamwork, professional communication, change management, human resources, and problem-solving.

Our fully online program makes it possible to complete your degree in a more flexible and convenient way while still benefiting from all that a Philadelphia University education has to offer. Courses are offered in 8-week sessions, six times a year, which makes it possible to complete your degree more quickly.

Upon graduation, you will be prepared to take on a variety of roles in business, non-profit and governmental organizations. Our alumni excel in a variety of fields, including retail, banking and finance, insurance, global manufacturing, public agencies and service firms. Some graduates also go on to start their own businesses.


Competencies: (24 Credits)

  • CSS101: Learning Across the Lifespan (Note: Students start their program with this course)
  • Writing
  • Science
  • History
  • Social Science
  • Information Systems
  • Math
  • Humanities

Lower Division Electives: (Up to 30 Credits)

  • Students may select online coursework from Philadelphia University Online Course catalog.

General Education Core: (18 credits)

  • Business, Industry and Work in American History
  • Globalization and World Politics
  • The Social Science of the Workplace
  • Financial Accounting
  • Professional Communication
  • Professional Studies Capstone (Students may take this course when they reach 100 + credits)

Professional Education Core: (21 Credits)

  • Elements of Organization
  • Principles of Management
  • Learning with Technology
  • Economic Decision Making
  • Finding and Evaluating Statistical Data
  • Financial Decision Making (Prerequisite: STAT 311)
  • Leadership Theory and Ethical Practices

Upper Division Electives: (12 Credits)

  • Students may select online coursework from Philadelphia University Online Course catalog.

Major Concentration: (15 credits)

  • Operations Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Capstone Seminar