LEAD Program





The LEAD Program is brought to you by the Office of Student Activities and Student Development Programs.




The LEAD co-curricular certificate program is designed for upper-class students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) looking for leadership development opportunities that will contribute to their personal development and help achieve their leadership potential. Using Kouzes’ and Posner’s nationally recognized Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership as a foundation, the majority of the program consists of workshops that participants elect to attend based on their individual interests and leadership goals. While the LEAD Certificate offers participants the flexibility to create their own curricula, there are common program features that include:

  • Introduction to, and administration of, the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), the only leadership tool designed specifically for student leaders and approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of  behaviors. This 360° leadership assessment tool helps student leaders measure their leadership competencies while guiding them through the process of applying Kouzes and Posner’s acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership® model to real-life challenges.
  • Support and guidance from a Philadelphia University leadership mentor that will assist in processing LPI results, maximize your benefits through the LEAD certificate, serve as personal resource, and consult with you throughout the program and beyond.
  • Choice of topical and interactive workshops offered throughout the semester designed to develop your leadership skills and increase your networking opportunities with other student leaders in a variety of contexts. Successful participants must choose, but are not limited to, four workshops from the various offerings during the semester they are participating in order to complete the program. Workshops are available on a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the PhilaU student. Tracks will be suggested for various leadership positions, such as student organization leaders and resident assistants.
  • Culminating luncheon and workshop that integrates reflection and content from selected workshops with action planning to help ensure students achieve their leadership potential.

Learning Outcomes

(GOAL) Design leadership opportunities based on an understanding of their leadership approach.

  • (OUTCOME) Discover leadership skills and interests that assist in preparing them for future leadership initiatives.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will integrate all of the information learned in LEAD to better understand their definition and role in Leadership.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will pair workshop content with pre-determined opportunities for their leadership growth and reinforcement.
  • (OUTCOME) Assess personal growth and leadership development through assessment tools.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will identify their leadership behaviors.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will identify their top leadership talents.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will define their leadership style and how it relates to others in a group setting.
  • (OUTCOME) Execute a plan of action that reflects their areas of development.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will create LEAD Goals and a Personal Plan by integrating personal assessment results as well as mentor discussions.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Student scholars will research campus issues in the University community and produce solutions to meet those needs.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will relate workshop content to future leadership experiences.

(GOAL) Enhance personal and professional relationships with faculty and staff at Philadelphia University.

  • (OUTCOME) Develop relationships that model professional communication.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will evaluate their communication skills in a professional setting.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will reflect upon their mentor relationship successes and/or failures. 
  • (OUTCOME) Foster relationships that create future professional connections.
    • (OBJECTIVE) Students will appraise the importance of their mentor relationship developed through their one-on-one experience.


Timothy Butler, Assistant Dean / Director of the Campus Center and Student Activities

Anamarie Cobo de Paci, Asst. Dean of Student Development

Mary Ann Somaine, Associate Director of Student Development

Heather Horowitz, Associate Director of Student Activities

Ryan Bissonnette, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Operations

Katie Bruce, Student Activities Associate for Programming and Involvement