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Open Class Submission Form [MORE] - due Feb. 8, 2013

Online Passport Request Form [MORE] - due Mar. 1, 2013

View our Tunnel of Oppression Promo Video from Spring 2012 [MORE]

Want a copy of this year's Unity Week Passport? Download one here!

Philadelphia University's fifth UNITY Week, celebrating community and diversity, will be held in the spring between Friday, March 29 - Friday, April 12, 2013, with a series of special "kick off events" held on Thursday, March 28th during the Common Period and then again in the evening.

UNITY Week is a collaborative effort by students, faculty, and administrators to coordinate a series of performances, speakers, dialogues, open classes, food and music. These efforts not only recognize the diversity represented within the University, they also affirm the value and vitality that this pluralism brings to our individual and collective experiences. 

Faculty support and involvement with UNITY Week is crucial to its success and growth. We will continue with last year's programs: Open Classes and the Passport Program. In addition to getting involved in specific events, you can contribute to Unity Week by incorporating one or both of these into your spring curriculum. We also invite suggestions about other ways faculty can support Unity Week.

Specifically, you can devote an OPEN CLASS SESSION during Unity Week to discussion of the issues of culture, intercultural understanding, and/or diversity that are relevant in courses you are teaching this spring and open this class to the larger campus community. Open classes will be published in the Unity Week publicity materials (e.g. calendar, brochure, passport program packets, and our website). We ask that you consider this option as you develop your syllabi for spring and invite you to contact us if you have further questions about the open class program.

You can also participate in the PASSPORT PROGRAM and recommend attendance at and/or participation in events and activities to your students in terms of course relevance and educational content. We will deliver the passports and a passport key to your mailbox in advance of Unity Week. Students will be responsible for getting their passports stamped at the events to prove their attendance. Some faculty may give students credit for simple attendance, while others may require students to write short papers and/or engage in class discussions about their experiences. You should decide how to best use the program if you choose to participate.

If you have any questions about any of these opportunities to promote social justice, pluralism, and civility, please do not hesitate to contact us! Email us at StudentDevelopment@PhilaU.edu.